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The behaviour of customer has been changed as a result of the economic crisis nowadays, only those can prevail who offer competitive products or render competitive service. The business partners may recognise these easily due to its unique character and quality which is connected to the products. It is not enough to build up the trademark, or the brand, to provide protect is inevitable in order to deter those who are intending to take away the fruit of your work without any compensation.

The main purpose of the Brand Way & Compass is to provide solutions for all problems of the different fields of the economy and to ensure economic advantage for Clients of  Brand Way & Compass’ by acquiring IP legal protection in Hungary and abroad..


Brand Way & Compass® Advisory, Trademark Protection, Marketing and Servicing Ltd. was established for providing  professional representation of domestic and foreign clients in the field of IP. Our activity covers the treatment of the industrial property and copyrights, in particular representation  in legal procedures for granting such exclusive rights and enforcement procedures. The company’s employees and his collaborative partners are experts with outstanding professional experience in IP.

The intention of the owners the Brand Compass & Way is to efficiently support creative people and enterprises in order   to realize their business ideas.